Rules & Regulation


Each team is only allowed to have two contestants
A maximum of 64 teams will take part in Zaio’s #DevJamThe challenge will last 6 weeks
Each team will be expected to take part for the entire duration of the challenge up until they are eliminated and/or disqualified
Each team will have from Monday 08:00 CAT to the following Friday 23:59 to complete and submit their solution. Afterwhich that week’s challenge will close and no more submissions will be accepted. 
All unsubmitted solutions or solutions submitted outside of the specified submission period will not be considered. This will result in an automatic disqualification of your team. Your team will therefore be eliminated from the challenge.
If a team has its opponents eliminated through disqualification, they will automatically make it to the next round.
Use of templates is NOT allowed. Solutions using templates will be disqualified.
Plagiarised solutions will be disqualified. Zaio has the right to ask the teams to reproduce solutions at anytime.
Use of Google and other sources is permitted to find guidelines and solutions to errors to complete the challenges
Only REACT JS & NODE JS/FIREBASE stacks are to be used to complete the challenges. Solutions in any other languages/stacks will be disqualified.
Solutions need to be hosted online (Recommended Heroku or Netlify). No Git repository will be accepted as a solution.
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