A challenge to find the best developer team in the world.

64 Teams. 1 Winner.

What's involved?

Zaio’s #DevJam is first of its kind coding ‘Gameshow’ to find the the best developer team in the world. Developer teams hack their way through a series of challenges over a 6 week period; with each week providing more obstacles than the last. Dev Jam begins with 64 teams around the world. Each team is made up of two developers. The teams will go head to head to create a solution that has been given to them at the start of the week. The teams will have 5 days to complete the solution. The solutions will then be compared with one another with the better solution winning the round. The losing team is eliminated from the challenge. The team with the better solution wins the round and moves along into the next week where they face their next opponents. Each week, exactly half the teams will be eliminated until we find our team at the end of the 6 week challenge winning the championship title and $2500


#DevJam Championship Title

The last team standing wins the Championship Title and a grand prize of $2,500 in cash!

People’s Choice Award

The most popular team in the DevJam wins the People's Choice Award and $500 in cash.

Solution of the week

The team with best solution each week wins $100 in cash. This will run for the first 5 weeks.

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